Our Story

At the heart of AlpaMowi lies culture and tradition passed on for generations. Our story began ten years ago when I met my wife who lived in Otavalo, Ecuador. 

When I visited the city, I was surrounded by extraordinary textiles and handicrafts, but what caught my eye was the beguiling Alpaca fur ponchos. These were softer and finer than the finest wool. The city of Otavalo captured my heart with its beautiful artisans flooding the markets with extraordinary art.
It sparked a desire to bring these products to the USA  and allow more people to experience the comfort and culture that come with them.
At the age of 20, I brought winter accessories from Otavalo to kiosks at malls in the USA.I saw how much people loved the fine material, the softness, and the quality. 

AlpaMowi now has an array of products that come from ethical family-run Alpaca farms. 
When you shop at AlpaMowi, you don’t just buy a product, you own a piece of art crafted from luxurious Alpaca fur.  Moreover, you support local families and artists, and promote ethical products. 
AlpaMowi is not just another company, it is a tight-knit family of people who spread joy and keep the culture and tradition alive.