Denim - Dark Blue, Gold, and White
Denim - Dark Blue, Gold, and White

Denim - Dark Blue, Gold, and White

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Men’s Sweater / Unisex Sweater 

This lightweight ‘softer than cashmere’ sweater is made from Alpaca wool. Thanks to the hypoallergenic properties of Alpaca fiber, our sweaters are suitable even for the most sensitive skin type. 

No more itchiness, no more overheating. This sweater has natural temperature regulation properties that makes it wearable through all climates!

The distinctive luxurious feel of the Alpaca fiber coupled with intricate designs make these sweaters a must-have in your wardrobe.

Our sweaters are designed to not only make you feel good but also last you a good while.

About AlpaMowi

At AlpaMowi, we care deeply about Alpacas. We source our fibers from family-owned ethical Alpaca farms in Peru and Ecuador where the Alpacas are treated with great care. 

When you shop at AlpaMowi, you don’t just buy a product, you own a piece of art handcrafted from luxurious Alpaca fur.  Moreover, you support local families and artists, and promote ethical products. 

AlpaMowi is not just another company, it is a tight-knit family of people who spread joy and keep the culture and tradition alive.