Gray Ash and White Alpaca Poncho With Hood
Gray Ash and White Alpaca Poncho With Hood
Gray Ash and White Alpaca Poncho With Hood
Gray Ash and White Alpaca Poncho With Hood
Gray Ash and White Alpaca Poncho With Hood

Gray Ash and White Alpaca Poncho With Hood

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Sumptuously soft and elegant, our alpaca poncho is a winter wardrobe essential. Our wide selection of unisex ponchos are crafted from one of the most luxurious fibres sourced from genuine baby alpacas. Handcrafted by the indigenous artisans in Ecuador, these ponchos are unique in feel and design.

AlpaMowi alpaca ponchos are the perfect blend of exquisite fabric and impeccable modern designs. Whether you are having a quiet night-in by the fireplace or out shopping with friends, our alpaca ponchos will be the perfect fashion companion for winters and autumn. 

About Alpaca Fur Ponchos

Warmer than wool, alpaca fibre is hypoallergenic and extremely comfortable on the skin. It also has a natural sheen to it offering the ponchos an opulent feel. The high elasticity of the Alpaca fibre makes for flattering ponchos that conform to your body shape.

 Alpaca Fur Care Choosing Alpaca fur is like going in for a warm hug in a cold winter. A luxurious natural fiber, Alpaca fur is eco-friendly and hypoallergenic and it is definitely softer, stronger, and lighter than wool or cashmere and so naturally, it requires a tad bit special care. Its resistance to pilling as well shrinking makes it possible for you to enjoy it for years, or even decades but one has to be a little careful with its care, especially when it takes such good care of you. 

Washing: Always be gentle with your alpaca products, treat it with absolute love and patience. If you love your alpaca fur, it will love you right back and that too through years of comfortable and soft garments.

Alpaca fur needs to be hand washed gently. You can send it for dry cleaning too.

Water is not your friend, avoid washing your garments until necessary. Alpaca fleece is not prone to oil stains easily. You can use damp clothes to gently wipe it clean.

Alpaca fur should always be washed in cold or lukewarm water. Any form of heat can do severe damage to its plushy features, so it is always recommended to treat it with mild temperatures.

Alpaca fur doesn’t need hard cleaners. Baby shampoo or mild detergents is the best choice! Soak your garment for 3-5 minutes before pulling it out.

Drying: Avoid wringing, twisting, or scrubbing it to drain out excess water. To dry your alpaca fur, first, place it between two towels and roll the towels keeping it aside. Do not fold or hang it as that will only stretch out your garment, making it lose its strength. Gently press it with a towel and let it dry naturally, out of direct heat and sunlight. Heat is very harmful to the alpaca fur as heat can shock the fiber.

If you want to iron your garment, use steam or natural steam from a hot bath. Anything stronger will burn it.

Brush care: Alpaca fur can be easily restored and taken care of by brushing it. You can use a wire pet brush, a tight bristled tangle brush, or a ball-end plastic bristly hairbrush to lightly brush through. Brushing the alpaca fur works well as it picks up tiny particles and objects that get stuck and get your fur dirty.